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The Pagan Community Statement on the Environment

In 2014, I organized about three dozen Pagan leaders to draft this Statement. The group worked on the statement for about 6 months, after which it was shared for a period of public comment. The Statement was published in its final form on Earth Day 2015. It has collected almost 10,000 signatures from Pagans and Pagan allies all around the world. It has been translated into 16 languages and has signatories from 100 differ­ent countries. It has been signed by practically every prominent Pagan organization and most of the high profile lead­ers in the Pa­gan community. Statements like this are only a begin­ning, how­ever. Above all, the Pagan Community State­ment on the Environ­ment is a call to action. You can sign the Statement and find a list of suggested actions at ecopagan.com.

My preferred medium is the long-form creative nonfiction essay, which has the following elements:

  1. A subject matter taken from the real world, which is written about in a factually accurate way
  2. Exhaustive research and the inclusion of verifiable references in the text to establish credibility
  3. A narrative form and structure, i.e., subjective storytelling, in contrast an objective journalistic style of reporting
  4. A personal element, like self-revelation, individual experiences, and a confidential tone
  5. Written with attention to literary style and technique
  6. 1,000-10,000 words in length
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