I read Michael Mann’s The New Climate War so you don’t have to.

Mann’s The New Climate War shows none of the rigor or reservation that one would expect of a renowned scientist. What it does show are the signs of someone who has spent too much time on social media: personal attacks, lack of nuance, and sarcasm in the place of reasoned discussion.

Against the New Age (Margaret Wheatley)

Meg Wheatley criticizes the New Age belief that humans are reaching a “critical mass” or a “tipping point” in the evolution of human consciousness toward an awakening/enlightenment/transcendence/realization which will save us from civilizational collapse. She sees this belief as anthropocentric, ego-centric, and elitist, as well as seductive and dangerous in a time when we are facing inevitable collapse and we need to be fighting to defend each other and the planet.