Against the New Age (Margaret Wheatley)

Meg Wheatley criticizes the New Age belief that humans are reaching a “critical mass” or a “tipping point” in the evolution of human consciousness toward an awakening/enlightenment/transcendence/realization which will save us from civilizational collapse. She sees this belief as anthropocentric, ego-centric, and elitist, as well as seductive and dangerous in a time when we are facing inevitable collapse and we need to be fighting to defend each other and the planet.

How Everything Can Collapse Book Discussion Tomorrow @ 7:30pm(ET)/6:30pm(CT)

I hope you will join us (even if you haven’t read the books) tomorrow (Tues Oct. 6) at 7:30pm(ET)/6:30pm(CT) for an engaging conversation about collapse. Erik Assadourian’s Gaian book club will discuss two books that grapple with collapse, both the possibility of collapse and living through it as well as we can. One of theContinue reading “How Everything Can Collapse Book Discussion Tomorrow @ 7:30pm(ET)/6:30pm(CT)”

Part 5 of the Halstead-Green debate

All honest environmental activists will feel despair at some point. The solution isn’t to run from it, or repress it, or deny it. There’s only one way to deal with despair, and that’s to go though it. We have to feel our feelings. Despair can be a teacher. It can lead us to a greater wholeness, more compassion, and a deeper sense of purpose.

Beyond Doom: A Response to Mark Green

I’m not going to try to tell you where to focus your energy. But I will say this, if your choice is being motivated by a fear of despair, if you are fighting down a feeling of hopelessness, consider letting yourself feel it. Really feel it. Trust that there is wisdom in all of our feelings, even the dark ones, maybe especially the dark ones. And see where it takes you.

Is This the Beginning of the End?: COVID-19 & Civilizational Collapse

This crisis could also be an opportunity. An opportunity for people to realize how interconnected we are. An opportunity to realize that caring for the least among us is actually an act of self-preservation. An opportunity for people to develop a new sense of responsibility for our neighbors.