Who Are the Watchers?: Sightseers, Snails, and Spirits of Guam

My mind keeps going back to the sight of that sign on the cave floor, warning that someone was watching, the feeling of sacredness I had in the cave, and the sound of chainsaws outside.

No, America is not “the best country in the world”.

Videos like this are the feel-good side of an authoritarian movement which is literally trying to take over our government. Samuel Johnson said in 1774, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” It’s also the first refuge of the fascist.

New Michael Moore-backed documentary “Planet of the Humans” questions the false promises of the environmental movement

“It was kind of crushing to discover that the things I believed in weren’t real, first of all, and then to discover not only are the solar panels and wind turbines not going to save us … but (also) that there is this whole dark side of the corporate money … It dawned on me that these technologies were just another profit center.”