Debate with a Technoptimist

After viewing Michael Moore’s latest film, “Planet of the Humans”, I got into some intense discussions with progressive friends who really disliked the movie as well as my promoting it online. One progressive friend, Mark Green, wrote a response, and there followed a back-and-forth series of posts between us, which I think was very illuminating.

What Midwives Taught Me About Anarchism (Anarchism for Civilians series)

Though they’re often used synonymously, civilization is not the same thing as culture. Many of the things that are attributed to civilization, such as art and healing, existed before civilization and outside of states. And many of the lauded “improvements” brought by civilization were not really improvements, or else they were improvements which came at a terrible cost.

What Bonobos Taught Me About Anarchism (Anarchism for Civilians series)

According to many biologists, there is as much cooperation in nature as there was competition. The story we have been taught about our innate selfishness is only part of the truth. As such, it is capitalist propaganda, and something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.