20 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Differently

Most of these kinds of lists focus on changing your consumer habits, and therefore leave the underlying structure of capitalist society unexamined. This list goes beyond the usual suggestions to change light bulbs or take shorter showers. Instead, the focus was on collective action working toward radical social change.

What Bonobos Taught Me About Anarchism (Anarchism for Civilians series)

According to many biologists, there is as much cooperation in nature as there was competition. The story we have been taught about our innate selfishness is only part of the truth. As such, it is capitalist propaganda, and something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“Life After Economic Growth” by Shaun Chamberlin

“The key to sustaining a post-growth economy is culture and community. Those extensive holidays of former times were far from a product of laziness. Rather they were, in an important sense, what men and women lived for. ‘Spare time’ spent in feasting, performing, collaborating and merrymaking together formed the basis of communal bonding, membership and trust.”