I read Michael Mann’s The New Climate War so you don’t have to.

Mann’s The New Climate War shows none of the rigor or reservation that one would expect of a renowned scientist. What it does show are the signs of someone who has spent too much time on social media: personal attacks, lack of nuance, and sarcasm in the place of reasoned discussion.

Beyond Doom: A Response to Mark Green

I’m not going to try to tell you where to focus your energy. But I will say this, if your choice is being motivated by a fear of despair, if you are fighting down a feeling of hopelessness, consider letting yourself feel it. Really feel it. Trust that there is wisdom in all of our feelings, even the dark ones, maybe especially the dark ones. And see where it takes you.

Not Extinction Rebellion, But Extinction Reconciliation

Yes, we must continue to rebel against the structures of power which have brought us to the brink of near-term extinction. At the same time, we must prepare for “inevitable collapse, probable catastrophe and possible extinction”. We can prepare by practicing Resilience, Relinquishment, Restoration, and–above all–Reconciliation.