What “Don’t Look Up” Gets Right and Wrong

Caution: Spoilers below.

Let me start by saying I really enjoyed Don’t Look Up. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. It’s not a great movie, in an artistic sense, but it’s both timely and entertaining–if you enjoy gallows humor. And it seems like everyone is talking about it. Don’t Look Up is still the second most-watched film on Netflix, a little over a month after its release.

Don’t Look Up is about two scientist, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio (both of whom do a stellar job), who discover a comet headed toward earth. The comet is larger than the one that killed the dinosaurs and there is a 99.9% (100% for all practical purposes) chance it will impact.

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The Dictionary Is Not a Holy Book

In my discussions in various online forums, I frequently encounter people who worship the dictionary. These individuals will whip out the dictionary at every turn in an attempt to convince others of the rightness of their position. Often, the discussion is about religious words, but it could be any word really. Most recently, it was about the word “anarchism”, which this particular individual kept trying to dumb down from a sophisticated political philosophy to a trite dictionary definition.

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We’re all monsters.

On my way to work today … driving my fossil-fuel-powered vehicle … to a job that basically consists of two people spending a combined two dollars to fight over one dollar … anyway, on my way to work today, I heard an advertisement for a credit card which promises to plant a tree for every purchase you make in order to “offset you carbon footprint.”

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